3 Reasons Nitrile Gloves Have Become Very Popular

There are multiple fields of work in which the use of the so-called “exam gloves” are absolutely mandatory. Hospitals and medical institution need these gloves for examinations and for surgery and these are the most common places where exam gloves will be encountered. However, there are other types of work that will require using gloves, such as those where you work with chemical products or where you need to protect your hands from various potentially harmful factors, such as humidity.

Latex gloves are most certainly not suitable for all the applications out there. While they can be good for usage with basic examination procedures in the medical world, they do have one major disadvantage: they are too thin and they can easily be torn off. As a matter of fact, they are thin enough to allow your fingerprints to be left on everything (which is something some criminals back in the 1960s did not know and that led to their failure).

Nitrile gloves are probably the best alternative to the latex ones, and not just for one reason. First and foremost, they outrun latex gloves in resistance by a lot (they can be up to 3 times stronger than them).

Secondly, nitrile gloves are suitable for a much wider range of uses. They are excellent in protecting your hands from liquids, they will resist friction much better than other types of gloves and they will be much more resistant to certain chemicals as well. This makes them good for usage in various types of activities, and not just in the medical world.

Thirdly, nitrile gloves are much more comfortable to wear than other gloves out there. They are a perfect fit on the hand, which makes them right even for delicate surgery, where the medical professional needs to feel very confident on his/her own two hands and where other types of gloves could make him/her feel uncomfortable.

All in all, nitrile gloves are most likely the very best option out there when it comes to disposable gloves, especially for certain uses. The fact that they still cost quite a lot has made many professionals out there choose other types of exam gloves instead of these ones, but the truth is that they will provide much better quality and that their price is truly worth it if safety is your first concern (both your safety and the safety of the people with whom you interact, such as your patients for example).